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Tolken en beedigd vertalers


Perhaps during events such as meetings or seminars at your company, tape recordings are made of the proceedings. Brasilva is able to make transcriptions of such tapes in the following languages as standard: Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German and English. We can also transcribe and translate other languages that are on tape on request.

What is a transcription?

An orthographic transcription is a word-by-word reproduction in regular spelling (orthographic symbols) of what is said. Thus, in an orthographic transcription, things such as repetitions, slips of the tongue and hesitations or the like are also included. Please bear in mind that the identity of the speakers, what they said and the contextual sounds are all put on record.

The value of a transcription

Are you looking for certain things that were said? Searching through a recorded text for the appropriate phrase is often an irritating and time-consuming exercise. With an orthographic transcription you virtually have the key to the exact fragments you are looking for. This is made possible by the fact that the transcription exhibits key points, which are linked to the recorded file. By searching for a specific orthographic context, you will be able to find the corresponding fragment.

With the help of an orthographic transcription you can get to know how often one particular word was used but also how often one particular word followed another or how often a particular expression was used in a certain fragment.

With an orthographic transcription you can easily look for slips of the tongue, hesitation or a repetition, and even other language-related features and nuances.