Betrokken tot en met het laatste woord
Tolken en beedigd vertalers

The sports manager

You know which footballer is suitable for which team; you know everything about that one Brazilian forward line who would fit in so well with that specific team. You also know which sportspeople would give lectures and speeches or get involved in other commercial activities.

Sports and the commercial aspect

You know the sports world inside out as a sports manager. You are, therefore, also well aware that nowadays sports has a commercial angle. And that anybody who calls himself or herself a sportsperson would like nothing better than to be involved in sports all day and not have to deal with other issues. He or she would like to leave the commercial aspects to you.

Foreign players

You know the international sports world as no other and you know a few things about the financial and legal ups and downs that are involved. That is your area of expertise. Many of these ups and downs are related to words: having the correct words in the right order at the right time. You may also have sportspeople in your customer base who come from abroad. You will be well aware that being fluent in the language that is spoken by your sportspersons is of great importance. That is our area of expertise: we at Brasilva can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Language and culture

Often, negotiations and work meetings take place in English, a language that is not always fully dominated by both parties. It is much better to be able to negotiate in your own language. Only then will you be assured that you will dot the right i's. An interpreter-translator is the solution. Brasilva has native speaker interpreters and translators on its books. They know the language but also the culture. They are well aware of the codes that apply with regard to these types of negotiations and know how the bureaucracy works in the relevant country. Trying to do this on your own as a foreigner will take ages.

Conflict mediation

Conflicts between parties can occur but must be solved. And fast! Conflicts, after all, cost time and money and are a source of irritation. Disputes will put relationships between, for example, players, trainers, sponsors and club management at risk, never mind the financial consequences. You can also act as a mediator as a sports manager with the assistance of an interpreter; you can get the communication started again with creative solutions as a neutral third party.

A conflict is bad enough. If the language creates an additional barrier, Brasilva can supply a suitable interpreter. An interpreter who can assist you and your foreign sportsperson to arrive at a solution together. You will, thus, avoid that people opt for a legal position. You can also play an important role for your sportspeople as a sports manager and/or acting manager in this area.