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About Brasilva

Brasilva was founded by André Luiz da Silva, born in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil. He has lived for nearly two decades in the Netherlands. He is a certified translator in Dutch, Portuguese and English. After gaining his diploma from the Vertaalacademie [Academy for Translation] in Maastricht (formerly Training Institute for Interpreters and Translators) he got together with a number of other native speaker colleagues from the same school but who offered other language combinations and expertise to set up Brasilva.

Brasilva is a translation agency and our aim has been to offer customers the best possible value through the quality of our work, flexibility and partnership.


We have extremely competent and reliable interpreters and translators working for us. In addition, most of the interpreters and translators who work with us have in the past provided services to the Dutch Ministry of Justice and, as such, are experienced in working with confidential information.


Brasilva primarily works with clients through agreements and consultation. During the initial consultation, we form an idea about what the specific project entails and what is required and expected from us as a translation agency.
Should, however, your assignment be urgent, we can accommodate this too. Our large network of interpreters and translators guarantees our flexibility. This also means that we can handle very specific and individually tailored requests.


Brasilva also works with other translation agencies. Sometimes a project requires collaboration and interaction with other agencies. We will consider most partnerships and often work with other agencies. We do, however, insist that our partners provide a product of the highest possible quality.