Betrokken tot en met het laatste woord
Tolken en beedigd vertalers

Discretion and integrity

We only work with interpreters and translators of the utmost integrity who adhere to the highest code of conduct and who know how to deal appropriately with confidential matters. They are well aware of their responsibility and the obligations involved in their task. As such they adhere at all times to the code of conduct of our translation department. They comply with the demand to regard everything they hear and see, during their role as a translator or interpreter, as strictly confidential and private. Brasilva guarantees absolute confidentiality.

Our interpreters and translators are professionals who above all do their utmost to perform their job objectively and accurately. They work in accordance with the quality requirements of our office.

Our interpreters and translators act only as a mediator. This means that the interpreter restricts himself or herself to the translation of what the conversation partners say to each other. The translator will never embellish at his or her own initiative. What you get is the translation pure and simple.

Finally, we would like to highlight that our interpreters and translators will never discuss the content of what was said. They will remain objective throughout.