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Photo reports

An interpreter can support the photo session
More and more foreign professional sportspeople are active in the Netherlands. Just look at the football world. It is an international world in which regularly confusion of Babel proportions can be observed. This is the trainers' problem who does know how to resolve this issue. Sportspeople, however, do more than just train. They must, for example, be present during a photo session and have themselves photographed from their very best angle. Just that little bit sexy, for example. How do you explain such a thing? Get an interpreter. An interpreter who is well aware of the culture of the sportsperson and who speaks the language of the photographer. We can supply such an interpreter.

The interpreter as the assistant stylist?

Why not? The photographer is very busy with his or her equipment while the sportsperson is feeling uncomfortable as the photo model. The interpreter can provide the right services and translate the requirements of the photographer. "Just bend slightly backwards and smile a little." Try to explain this if you do not completely master the language of the other person.
Brasilva's interpreters know how to explain such things very well. You can select a male or female interpreter for these occasions. This will sometimes ensure that everybody feels more at ease.