Betrokken tot en met het laatste woord
Tolken en beedigd vertalers

Advertising agencies

If you want to dispose of your products, a commercial spot would be a very effective way to do this. Commercials are effective because of their combination of images and text.
A catchy text, an attractive slogan and your product resounds throughout the country. More and more advertising agencies from abroad are coming to the Netherlands to establish branch offices. They settle here to carry out promotional campaigns for their clients on the European market and worldwide.
We at Brasilva can help with this activity as well. Our translation office can work closely together with your advertising agency. Our translators have studied languages and they are native speakers. They know the jokes, sayings and plays on words as no one else. They will ensure that your textual material is translated into the target language in a way that correctly conveys your house style and message. We will provide the most effective advertising possible.

Advantages of native speaker translators

On first sight a lot of translations do look acceptable. An Englishperson, for instance, will immediately notice if the text is translated by a real native speaker or not. If a Dutch person for instance wants to order frites, and asks for french fries in England, he is convinced that he is doing it right. Wrong. A real Englishperson will order chips. A Dutch person visiting the UK would order potato chips as a snack instead of chips fully convinced that he is doing the right thing. This would not be a problem in the US; but he will go hungry if he does not order crisps in the UK.

In Brazil and Portugal the official language is Portuguese. As in the example above of the Englishperson and the Americans, who both have the same basic language, the same object or activity can be translated differently. A Brazilian for instance asks for 'um cafezinho por favor' while a Portuguese person prefers to say 'uma bica faz favor'. A native speaker would be well aware of these cultural differences while someone who has learned the language from a distance would not.