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Brasilva translation agency always strives to deploy only native speakers on interpreting assignments. We have a vast network of expert and experienced freelancers and, as such, we are always able to find the right interpreter for the job.

Native speakers

For some languages we ONLY work with interpreters who are native speakers. This applies for the following languages: Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German and English.

Conversational interpreters

Clients use the services of these interpreters during meetings, company tours, negotiations with business partners, etc. He or she will translate from one language to the other language sentence by sentence.

Consecutive interpreters

Presentations and lectures are typical examples where this kind of interpreter will be deployed. He or she will take notes about what is being said in one language and consecutively the interpreter will provide the content of what has been said word for word.

Simultaneous interpreters

This type of interpreting is mainly used at congresses. The interpreter works from a special type of cabin. He or she will translate while the speaker still has the floor. The audience can simultaneously follow the speech through headphones.

We limit ourselves to working with only a number of fixed interpreters for this type of interpreting (simultaneous). This ensures we can guarantee the quality of the interpreters we supply.