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Estate agents

A house abroad

Perhaps the moment is now - and the time is right! You have enough money and you want to buy a house in a foreign country. You realise that many things will have to be organised to ensure you can reach your goal. First of all, you need an estate agent. An estate agent knows the market and the difficulties with regard to the financial and legal requirements you will encounter. A lot of difficulties arise because of the language barrier. The right words, in the right order and at the right moment are of huge importance.

The nuances of a deal

In most cases, negotiations will be in English, a language in which often neither party is fully fluent. Your preference would be to carry out the negotiations in your own language to ensure you know exactly what is said including the nuances of what is said.

We at Brasilva believe that an interpreter-translator can be of essential value for you and your estate agent. A native speaker interpreter-translator knows the language and also the culture of the particular country. 'Culture' refers to the customs and habits inherent to conducting business and the bureaucracy in a particular culture. Trying to determine what they are as a foreigner on the spot is virtually impossible!

No unpleasant surprises afterwards!

We can also organise an interpreter right on the spot. You will then be assigned someone abroad who can provide you with support in buying a house. He or she will act as an interpreter and translate all your papers accurately and efficiently. Then you can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises afterwards.