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Brasilva Media offers something new: an additional media service abroad.

Our origins lie in translation and interpreting. We certainly do not pretend that we can do your job as a journalist! But we can assist you with your exclusive interview with a sports celebrity or other key figures from abroad. Our network is extensive and can be easily mobilised to reach people abroad.

Would you like to interview a famous foreigner? We have the contacts. We can arrange contact with celebrities and key figures through our network but we can also put you in contact with journalists who speak the language of these celebrities and key figures.

For example, we can put you in contact with South American football players from the major foreign football leagues and arrange interviews with them. We are able to do this due to our contacts with journalists there. Journalists who speak the language of football players and have an affinity with the sport of the interviewee. This gives you an exclusive interview since both they and the person being interviewed can speak freely in their own native languages! All those nuances that rich languages have will come through and because they will understand any play on words or puns.

Your advantages
The written piece that you produce can be translated by one of our native speakers in any language that may be required. This is true added value! Your reporter can remain at the office doing his or her daily work. No need to travel abroad and, more importantly, you will have an exclusive interview where what has been left unsaid also comes through. Read more!

Guilherme Aquino Guilherme Aquino, journalist [Rio de Janeiro,1965] studied Social Communications and Journalism at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After graduation he worked as a producer and reporter of GLOBO, Brazilian television network, in the city of Belém in Brazil. After a year he returned to live and work in his home city, Rio de Janeiro.

He worked for many live reporting services for websites, radio networks like Radio Globo, CBN, Radio Itatiaia and BBC-Brazil service, in London, and also for the Brazilian TV, Rede Record.

As a journalist of one of the most important Brazilian national television, TV Rede Record, in Rio de Janeiro, where he also worked as a columnist, he covered numerous special events of national and international significance. During all these years he collaborated and participated in the local and national news of this Television network.

In 2000, he was given a second task within TV Record.

Guilherme Aquino started to design, write and produce documentaries. One of them was in a remote island called Trindade Island, situated around 1500 km from the coast.

The other documentary he designed and also filmed was set in Antarctica as a result of the work of the Brazilian Navy biologists in Ilha Grande; this is an Island off the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro. He filmed the life at the bottom of the ocean.

Guilherme Aquino has been living in Italy since January 2002 and he is registered at Stamap Estera, a press association for foreign journalist, in Milan. In Italy, he works as a journalist for many Brazilian and Italian newspapers and magazine; these magazines are mostly focus on fashion, tourism and gastronomy but also politics, economics and sports. He publishes articles in Brazilian printed papers such as Revista Isto é, Jonal Folha de São Paulo and Jornal O Globo and he is also a columnist for the magazine. Guilherme Aquino is married and has three sons.

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